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March 15 – 18 | Online

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What Comes Next?

Over these next few months, the post-pandemic landscape will begin to take shape. Technologies like 5g, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT,  Smart Cities, and Smart Homes will play a pivotal role in reshaping businesses, verticals, and economies around the globe. 

Our analysts and expert guests will share their unique insight and guidance to help you understand the challenges at hand, devise a strategy for success, and make winning business decisions. 

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Agenda At A Glance

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Monday, March 15

How LEO, MEO and GEO Satellites Can Augment Mobile Networks
10:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem
How 5G Is Transforming The Mobile Devices Value & Supply Chain
11:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem
The Future Of RTLS
12:00 PM EDT Enabling Technologies
IoT Data-Enabled Services: Value Chain, Companies To Watch And Cloud-Wars
1:00 PM EDT IoT

Tuesday, March 16

Moving From Vertical Integration to a Modular Approach: The Value Proposition For Open Cellular Networks
10:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem
Hyperscalers & 5G: Blurring The Lines Between Last Mile Connectivity & Cloud
11:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem
Securing Digital Identities in an IoT World
12:00 PM EDT Enabling Technologies IoT
Technologies Driving Innovation for Profitable Massive IoT
1:00 PM EDT IoT

Wednesday, March 17

How AI Is Revolutionizing The Telecoms Market
10:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem
Leveraging the Cloud, 5G, and Real-Time Communications to Merge the Physical and Virtual Workspaces
11:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem Enabling Technologies
The Blossoming Of The Edge AI Ecosystem
12:00 PM EDT Enabling Technologies
The LPWA Battle Royale
1:00 PM EDT IoT

Thursday, March 18

5G & The Future Of Industrial
10:00 AM EDT 5G Ecosystem Verticals & Markets
Planning The City Of The Future
11:00 AM EDT Verticals & Markets
Smart Home Edge Analytics
12:00 PM EDT Verticals & Markets
The Horizontal AR Market: Challenges & Opportunities
1:00 PM EDT Enabling Technologies Verticals & Markets
Rebuilding A Stronger Automotive Market
2:00 PM EDT Verticals & Markets
The End-To-End Vaccine Supply Chain
3:00 PM EDT Verticals & Markets

APAC Track

Tuesday, March 16

5G Deployment Strategies For Fixed Wireless Access in Asia

Wednesday, March 17

Visions of Smart City Upgrades In Asia

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